released June 20, 2014


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Westchester United Bronx, New York

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Track Name: Make Believe (demo)
well and cry
soft sadly in your bed
what do you cry for
and i know it's not what you want from me
but i wish i could tell
and i'll try not to disappear
i'll try to stick around right here
and tell you every thing you need to hear to make believe

and we try to believe that we could stop this fire
just try and make believe
can you try and see that we could stop this fire
just try and make believe
just make believe
Track Name: Pillow Talk (demo)
i thought i'd let you rest
yeah i'd let you be
but i can't sleep with you lying next to me no
a nervous wreck till our lips touch again
i need you in my lungs
and i would tell you the truth every night
i'd never lie and you know that's the sign yeah
just you and i till the day we die
just you and me and her

well i was driving down the open road
with my head up in the clouds
i didn't think it was cheating
i thought she'd never find me out
but now she knows she's not the only one
she knows we've got each other
oh my sweet Mary Jane

and i remember the first time we met
some thirteen years give or take a bit yeah
i love you now like i couldn't then